Hate in America:

My name is Chastity Bono. The 1980's started the gay pride celebrations in June of every year. 1980's the gay community was devastated by AIDS. Thousands of gay men had this disease. AIDS started hate crimes against gays and lesbians. The major of Chicago Harold Washington appointed the advisory Council on gay and lesbians, full time liaisons to the lesbian and gay community. The democratic national convection decided to support gay laws finally. In the 1779 they would classify being gay as a crime. They would mandate castration for gay men and mutilation for nose cartilage for the gay women.

gay_rights.jpg A straight man is protesting for gay rights.

Free-Gay-Pride-Poster-Born-Gay-Follow-The-Ray-Born-Straight-Refuse-to-Hate-450.gif A pride poster that was passed out at one of the gay pride festivals.
Gay-Marriage-7.jpg People protesting saying that love should be equal, if someone of the same sex loves someone else of the same sex and wants to be happy.
straightsforgayrights800.jpg Straight americans protesting for gay rights.
26marriage600.1_2.jpg People even believe that marriage should be equal love should be equal.

Progress in America:
I am a spokesmen for GLAAD. This is the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation. I host the GLAAD Awards.
I have been to the school around the world talking to the guidance counselors about the LGBT. I have become the spokes person for the humans rights campaign. This was promoting the National Coming Out Day. I also severed as a entertainment media director for the GLAAD.
The NCOD campgain was for the reelcetion of Bill Clinton and the campaigning of the defense of marriage .
I try to make a change by holding meetings and being a spokes person for the LGBT
lgbt-logo.gif Obama's name with a rainbow because he supports LGBT's

china-gay-rights-activists1.jpg LGBT's at a pride festival

images-1.jpegAn american flag with gay pride flag.
gay-protest-outside-courthouse-in-california.jpg LGBT's out front of a courtroom. Protesting for gay rights

.news-graphics-2007-_447437a.jpg People Protesting against gay's. Its horrible