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(This is Oprah and Rosa Parks as they talk to people.)

Before the civil rights movement black people couldn't do anything around whites. We could only drink and eat in some places. Whites would not even step foot in the same building. If they did not have to they would do anything to stay away. What we wanted to do we could not. Black people had to do everything to whites and they could not have anything themselves. They had to move on buses. They worked hard and got nothing. These were from the Jim crow laws. These laws were all against blacks and doing anything.

When I started talking to people about the problems with blacks and the disrespect we got, the worst of the worst was over. When I was a young girl I was not allowed to be with white people. I had to use black only things and had to watch what I did so that I did not run into problems with white poeple. Martin Luther King Jr. did so much for us. He started getting us these freedoms that we should have just like everyone else. He was able protest peacefully and show that we did not deserve what was being done to our fathers mothers and grandparents. It was a great thing that he was able to disable the Jim Crow Laws. These laws were just wrong. People should not be treated that way. Then they were able to make it that blacks and whites could eat from the same places and drink from the same fountain. That was just crazy.

Now we all can play, learn and work together. Now it is much better than it was, but we are not done yet. There are still racist people out there and they must be stopped. This just doesn't mean blacks. We need to stop letting people exclude people just because of there race. For example, when we go places and see racial slurs everyone. This needs to end for all race, not just blacks. This is our job to fix and change, we need to do this for us, our childern, our grandchildern, and generations to come.

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(Oprah as she talks as a rally to help with human rights.)

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(A man protesting for human rights.)

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(Martin King Jr. peace protest for blacks.)
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(Normal signs you saw before the civil rights movement)
(Laws that stopped blacks from doing things)
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(Protest during the civil rights movement.)
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(Ways police would try to end black protest.)
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(A white man would not talk and even look the black woman's way.)

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