Barbara Jordan

Today I sent in my application into the University of Texas-Austin. I think that I have a great change of being accepted into the college.I have a great speaking abilites and graduated top in my class. My Daddy said that he heard they they are very racist though. He encouraged me to apply to other college but this one is so close to home. Also today my friends and I were going to go to a resturant. We were kicked out becuase of our color. I heard that segregation is starting to get really bad around the country. Its starting to become more prevenlent here in Houston.

Well today I recived a letter from the University of Texas-Austin. They stated that it is against their policy to accept colored people. I think that that is so unfair. All my high school techers said that I would make it in any college I wanted to. So, I sent in my application to Texas Southern University. Also on the way home from the library, I was forced to sit in the back of the bus, with all the fumes because of my race. All the whites sat in the front of the bus. Its getting really frustrating. I want to change it. Also, my friend sent a letter from Birganha, Alambama. She said that she was beaten by cops, just becuase she is black. They made a lot of racial commments towards her also.

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Top Left- Barbara Jordan as a high school student
Top Middle- Barbara Jordan speaking ( one of her best talents)
Top Right- Police using a hose against African Americans ( very prevalent in Barbara's childhood)
Bottom Left- Segregation on a bus
Bottom Right- Texas Southern University ( where Barbara began studying)

I have been in the United States Congress for 5 months now. They say I'm the first black women to reach congress. I feel so appprectiative to be in this position. I couldn't have done it with out my community, and now I need to give back. I feel that I can really help the African Americans that still have to deal with segregation.. I think that our country needs change. African Americans both need to be more accpeted into society.We have the ability as everyone else. We are talking about voting on a new bill. The bill is going to help African Americans that live in poverty. This was one of the top items that I wanted to accomplish in Congress. I grew up in a poor neighborhood, and I think that it will inspire African Americans to strive for the best. I think that campaigning is the best way to become popular. With my campaigning I can also inspire young people to do the best. Also I hope that me being elected will open many doors for young African American women. Finally, later in my career, I'm thinking about being a proffesor at Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. They already was offered a job there after my political career.


I'm now in the hospital as an elderly lady. I think my life was a total success. I think I opened the door to many African Americans, especially African American women. There are even more programs to helps these people. The NAACP has now stepped in to help. I think that this is a great program, and will be great for years to come. They even honored a high school after my accomplishments. The school is called Barbara Jordan High School for Careers. Black rights are defiantly getting better. Were are more accepted into society. I hope that more doors are opened for even more African Americans.