photo_old_vote.jpg (women protesting for liberty)
women-protesting.jpg(women marching for rights)
votecoverpict.jpg(women wanting rights to vote )
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stanton.jpeg(This is Elizabeth Stanton the woman who fought for womens rights)

1. I do not enjoy the slavery that happens in this country. Most of my family was very wealthy and they all were politically important. I got most of my views about the world from my father who was a lawer who had served in congress on the New York state legislature and as a judge on the New York state supreme court. When I decided to go to school someone really got to me with their religious views. After that I really didn't like organized religion but later on I met someone. His name was Henry B. Stanton and he had the same views as me and he was a abolitionist which was great. But during the wedding I asked him and he agreed that I don't have to obey him. Women in my days don't have it easy and they don't have the freedom that the men do. They didn't get to work they didn't get to wear what they wanted. Every woman that was married was a stay at home mother. Women couldn't get a job like a man and they couldn't show that much skin.
700px-1849-Cruikshank-feminism-caricature-Queens-Bench.jpg(This was the seneca falls womens convention)
Elizabeth_Cady_Stanton.jpg (Elizabeth stanton protesting at a convention)anthony_stanton_comic.jpg(picture of Elizabeth Stanton and other women)
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ChangingPlaces5.jpg (Elizabeth speaking in the streets for women's rights)

2. I was fed up with women not having rights so I teamed up with Lucretia Motts sister,Martha Coffin Wright and a handful of other women to organize the first womens rights convention, which was held in Seneca Falls. I drafted a Declaration of Sentiments which I read at the convention. I was invided to talk again at another convention,which was the National Womens Rights Convention in Rochester,New York. I chose Susan B. Anthony because she is single and dosen't have any children so she can travel anywhere and be avalable at any time.
3.I had some successes and some failures which would be that I have gotten women to unit together in a convention. I also tried to reduce the sufferage for blacks and women but that was rejected by congress. I also helped with the 14th and 15th amendment and those were all for womens sufferage.external image USAWstanton2.jpgexternal image USAWstanton2.jpgUSAWstanton2.jpg(The members of the womens convention)
images.jpeg(Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B Anthony)
isbn.jpeg(This is a place for women to vote)