images-1.jpegI...AM....GAY. That's right I'm gay, who cares right?!!!? WRONG, I was a graduate from West Point, I am an Iraqi War Veteran, so I fought for freedom, honor, integrity. Once again, I'm GAY, and I did the same stuff the straight people did, ha, I've even done better than most of them. I know I'm suppose to stay quiet, but I can't do that anymore. I'm not going to stay hidden. This Don't Ask Don't Tell policy makes me, and others lie about our TRUE sexual orientation. My rights, my life, my happiness in being in the Army is now in jeopardy, because three little words, have screwed me over! "I AM GAY!!", and I'M PROUD!! The Law Against Gay Marriage effects me because since I'm not allowed to have a "legal partner" all of my assets won't be transfered to my partner in the same fashion as a legal married couple. If you only think that blacks, latinos, and arabs get discriminated, please think again. I've been legally discriminated against in restaurants. For example: When I was going in a date with my partner, we had to sit and watch five other regular parties go before us. Once we finally got a table, we were located in a dark corner, and the service was "slower for us". I've saw five main courses get served before we got our main course. Hmmmm... I bit unfair you think?!!? Why is there a lot of hate towards certain kind of people?
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One of my more famous protest was when I deliberately handcuffed my self to the fence in front of the White House in full Army fatigues. Thus showing my passion, and desire to see change in treatment for gays in the military. I have seen other changes for gays for the better, look at Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and EVEN Iowa. So legal gay marriage is spreading slowly but surely. Other states are giving us domestic partnership rights. These domestic partnership rights allow us to make some decisions regarding the life of our partner medically.