in1.) Around the time I my mom was pregnant with me her and my father were getting death threats by people in the KKK and had to move 3 times, but still as a kid we had always gotten death threats from them no matter where we went. When I was a young kid my father was killed by the KKK and it was just me and my mom. Around the time I was in 8th grade I wanted to become a lawyer, but those dreams were crushed when my teacher had told me that it is unrealistic for my people to become a lawyer. Later in 1946 me and my friend Jarvis were arrested and convicted on Burglary charges and I was sentenced 10 years of prison, Later I was paroled in 7 years.

the KKK
Malcolm X as a child

When I was a child back then black people had never had any successful jobs like the one that I wanted.

The Massachusetts state prison that Malcolm X was sent to in 1946.

The flag for the Nation of Islam something that Malcolm X read about while he was in prison.

2.) By the time I got out of jail I was a follower of the Nation of Islam. I was a minister and a national spokesman for the Nation of Islam as well. I was also in charge of establishing new mosques in cities like Detroit, Michigan, Harlem, and New York. I was in newspaper columns, the radio, and on the television to spread the Nation of Islam across the united states. I attracted a lot of people to come and join and I had increased the membership of the nation of Islam from 500 to 30,000 in 1952. In the nation of Islam it says that the white society worked to keep African-American from empowering themselves and achieving political, economic, and social issues.



Malcolm X at a Black Muslim Rally in Washington DC in 1961



3.) Malcolm X had urged many black people to take pride in their race and to take action to claim their civil and Human rights. His politics did evolve after his break with the Nation of Islam he became a internationalist. But once he started making speeches and stuff he become a media magnet and one of the most important leaders of the Nation of Islam. Later on Malcolm X had left the the nation of Islam for some reasons and then became an assassin target because of the nation of Islam. Ever since then he just did speeches by himself and not for the Nation of Islam, but then one day during one of his speeches he was gunned down and killed by two members of the Nation of Islam.

The assassination of Malcolm X

Thomas Hagan one of the killers of Malcolm X

Another picture of one of the Malcolm X killers Thomas Hagan.