In October of 1996 a 21 year old named Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and
Matthew Shepard
tied to a fence. He was left there for 18 hours until help arrived. He was then rushed to a hospital, where he stayed for five days. He then died because of his injuries. My name is Judy Shepard, and Matthew was my son. He was killed for being homo-sexual. The killers say that they did not kill him because he was gay, but because they were motivated by drugs and money, and just wanted to rob him for his money. Later I found out that my sons murderer was telling the truth, because it turns out that he himself was bisexual. But this event has opened my eyes wide, because their is a whole group of people out there that might have hurt my son. He did not even get a proper burial because anti-gay protestors refused to let him be buried with dignity. It is a shame to see such hate towards anyone.

Anti-gay protestors
Judy Shepard
Matthew's Killers
Judy crying at her son's funeral

Judy Shepard with Tammy Baldwin

My husband and I have created the "Matthew Shepard Foundation" in hopes of making sure that all homosexuals are to be treated equally in the future. We are supporting diversity programs within education. We are also helping youth organizations establish environments where young people can express who they are in a safe place. We are also trying to teach others the importance of diversity. We are replacing hate, with acceptance.
Judy And President Obama
Poster to promote awareness
Dennis, Judy, and President Obama

Judy telling her story during a rally

people protesting for gay rights

Gay rights have improved thanks to people willing to speak out. Judy Shepard is one of those people, she was willing to speak out for what she believe is right. She made attempts to make homosexuals equal. She is creating awareness about her sons death, and how that kind of hate in people is a misguided way of thinking. Judy Shepard has helped gays everywhere be proud of who they are. These gay people are shaping the road for a new tomorrow. Homosexuals everywhere are fighting for equality. With the help of people that are willing to stand up for what they believe in, like Judy Shepard, hate will be a thing of the past. Change in America will be for the better, gays will make equality for all, prejudice will be no more.
A newly recognizable gay flag

He speaks the truth