-Cleve Jones
1.In the 1970's they were many laws against gay lifestyles such as sexual intercourse for the gay community. I was a teenager in the early 1970's and it was a rough time for me. Also, to this day most states have laws against gay marriage.In 1982 homosexuals were banned from the military. Next, one gay people were known to the cause of AIDS, this was a huge stereotype of the gay community and I wanted to stop it. One of my best friends and mentors died because he was a gay civil rights leader. His name was Harvey Milk, when I was a kid I lived on the streets and didn't go to school. When I met Harvey Milk in 1975, he convinced me to go to school, get a haircut, get a job and he was like a father-figure to me. So, when he was killed I wanted to share his story with the world and it inspired me to become a gay acitivist.
-Gay and straight men protesting.
-A gay man protesting against the legalization of same-sex marriage.
-- Cleve Jones giving a speech about violence against the gay community.
-The GLBT flag.
-Homosexuals posing for gay liberation.
2.Im 1983 I noticed the dangers of AIDS, so I helped create the San Fransisco AIDS foundation in 1983. Also, at a candlelight memorial for my friend Harvey Milk in 1985 I created the AIDS memorial quilt. I am a dynamic and inspiring public speaker and I travel around the world giving speeches to everyone. I even met with George Bush and Bill Clinton.
-Me giving a speech.
-Me rallying the crowd.
Me giving a speech.
-Me getting interviewed in front of a crowd.
-Me being interviewed for the movie Milk.
3.I have many successes as a gay civil activist. Such as, my Aids Memorial Quilst is the most popular community arts project worldwide. Memorizing more than 80,000 people. Also, my work has been published on shows such as 60 minutes, Oprah and many more. In 1999, I was a keynote speaker at the opening of Parlaiment of World Religions in Cape Town South Africa. Last, in 2000 I helped organize an 8 city U.S tour of the South African AIDS MermorialQuilts.
-AIDS Memorial Quilt.
-A man looking at the AIDS Memorial Quilt.
-An aerial viwe of the AIDS Memorial Quilts.