Today looking back at life long ago, how they had to hind be secret. Life was so hard for them meeting underground with your real lover so that your family wouldn't know. That your family couldn't know, know that you wanted to be happy with who you loved not who they wanted you to be. The violence against GLBT commutiy, by people of the law is the worst part, they are there to protect you not harm you because of you sexual attractions. When did anyone ever say that you have the right because your heterosexual that you get to "rule the world". Closing spas because we have the "gay plague" discrimination! AIDS didn't come from us, we didn't start that. But we get the blame for it. I that fair.

The GBLT have come such a long way, the hate crimes are down. We can walk down the street and be proud of our sexuality. Kids is school that get bullied because of there sexual orientation the school actully doing something about it. And something that we thought was impossible to marry the people that we love, but in some place its finally coming true. The world is starting to look at us as people with feeling, people that are not different then them. We live we laugh and we love. Its just who we love you might not like but no one says you have to be like me. We are not a disuse we are people just people.

It's not a disease
Now for the future we still so much farther to go. Just because people are looking at us a people the is still so much discrimination. Our children in of the future are is having problems in the schools and with their peers. Parent are still a very hard battle the everyone has to fight, there are a lot of parents that just don't want to excepted it. I was every person to be comfortable with how they are and who they love, not losing their families in the process. Marriage is the goal around the world. Peoples excepted and people love, its a long shot but it's worth it. Look at where we are now compared to the 70-80's anything is possible.I want people to be able to fight for their country and not have to worry about being discovered. We are apart of this nation to if we want to fight for it we should be able to. Iraq is now having mass murders for homosexuals, just when we thought the worse was behind us.
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