American Civil Rights Photo Journal

Objective: To demonstrate the understanding of struggles that certain groups of people in America encounter due to discrimination and misunderstandings.

Task: You will step into the shoes of an important civil rights leader of the 20th century. As this leader, you will create a 3 part photo journal chronicling your struggles for equality for the group that you represent.
The three segments will include:
1. Hate in America: Life for the oppressed prior to change
- Must describe conditions in America at this time
- Provide history of laws and examples of discrimination (perhaps specific event)
- Must have 5 pictures with short description

2. Progress in America: Life during civil rights movement
- Must provide information about leader’s work for change
- Must describe tactics leader used for change
- Should describe specific event that occurred during life (example, famous protest)
- Must have 5 pictures with short description

3. Change in America: Life after civil rights movement
- Must provide success and failures of the leader
- Must describe state of movement since
- Describe any significant change that leader or others caused
- Must have 3 pictures with short description


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