my name is alfred charles sharpton jr. But everybody knows me as rev. al Sharpton. I was born on October 3, 1954 If you have ever met me in life you would know that im one of the biggest civil rights activist you'll ever meet. I believe very strongly that african americans are equal to everyone i don't put up one bit with racsim or discrimination to african americans through all the past hard times we went through and all that america owes us. we deserve equal righs from everyone. Thiers still past dues they owes us and we still never got like may i mention our "40 acres and a mule"633px-Al_Sharpton_by_David_Shankbone.jpg
But compared to today the times we had in he past are nothing compared to now before we couldnt walk down the street without being yelled at with names like "nigger", "colored", an "boi". like they were nothing but pets to people and thats why today i fight every chance i get against rascim cause i believe thier needs to be somebody thier to fight and not hide it an keep it in the light.civil-rights-pickets.jpghall_fig01b.jpg all here are pictures of some of african americans protesting and standing up for thier rights no matter what the consequences are just doing what you got to do
civil_rights_movement.jpegit also wasnt just african americans fighting for thier equal rights they were also whites who were helping to make a difference. al-sharpton-obama-7-16-08.jpg One of al sharptons famous protest speeches is the one on the hassian. That the cops had brutally beat, white cops at that. Al sharpton has made a major difference in people lives an has affect this country alot when something racial happens that hits the news or anything the first person they call to get their view point from is Mr. Al Sharpton one of the reasons i think is because he is very smoove with his words and can really make the words hit to understand the viewpoint he's coming from. Sharpton_protest-thumb-340x505.jpgAl sharpton will be someone to always remember when it comes to civil rights leaders cause you always see an or hear his words on the radio or television screen when something discrminating or rasics has happend in the united states and people respect him for that. Or they hate on him like haters.Al_Sharpton_Threatens_Defamation_Lawsuit_Against_Rush_Limbaugh.jpg